Delicious Entree’s
From our Cowboy Drumstick to fresh Atlantic salmon, the hardest decision of the night will be deciding which entree to order first. If you haven’t been to the Black Hat in a little while — stop by and visit us again! It’s still just as good as you remember.

Top Quality Beef
We use only top-quality all natural Beef. This is absolutely the best beef available anywhere. Take one bite of our tender hand-cut beef steaks, and all other steaks will surely seem subpar. They really are that flavorful. Our quality beef is superior to anything else on the market and it tastes much better than the meats you will find in most other restaurants.


Early Dining 

Dinner Entrees

Dinner Salads

Fish & Seafood



White Wine

Red Wine 

*We also offer a children’s menu available upon request at the restaurant.


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